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Interview Requests
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Interviews may be conducted by phone, Skype, at the Algalita Marine Research and Education Office near his home, or in person on board the ORV Alguita at Berth 345, Bay Shore Avenue, Long Beach, California.  If his travel is necessary, reimbursement may be required. 

For interview or filming scheduling,  please contact Captain Moore's PR Assistant, Jeanne Gallagher. or 808-268-2453.


CONFERENCE PARTICIPATION REQUESTS .   Please complete and submit the form on the left. Honorarium and travel expenses are required.  Requests should be made at least six months in advance. 

OTHER SPEAKER REQUESTS.  Please contact Captain Moore  Email:  (please copy Jeanne Gallagher,

Personally autographed copies of "Plastic Ocean" can be purchased by emailing Captain Moore at or through Algalita Marine Research and Education.